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What does ‘listicle’ mean? – The English We Speak

Have you ever started writing a list, but noticed each point you make is really long? Well, you might have written a listicle, which is a list that has a lot in common with an article.

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7 Tips for Writing a Great Listicle

People love listicles. You’ve almost certainly read a few yourself—and more likely, you’ve read dozens. In fact, you’re reading one now.

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9 Things Every Teacher Should Know About Listicles in Class

Listicles are a humorous way for students to condense and share information through text and images. But how do they work in the classroom? Here’s why teachers and students can learn a thing or two (or nine) from BuzzFeed.

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A listicle about the 6 worst Buzzfeed listicles

Since Moses’ Ten Commandments introduced the sublime phenomena of the listicle, humankind has been drawn to numbered textual forms that placate our brief attention spans.

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Meet Sir John Lubbock, Godfather of the must-read listicle

This free e-learning template was designed in Articulate Storyline 360 and features true/false toggle buttons to personalize the course audio, background, and characters.

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A Listicle to Save the World

What each of us can do to reduce our environmental footprint.

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When a listicle takes a bad problem and makes it worse

This form of pseudo-journalism is mindless pap.

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Here’s How to Write Better Listicles

Listicles are oftentimes the bane of any modern creative, professional, or technical writer.

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[Listicle of Death] 5 Biggest Genderf$!k Reveals in Horror

We’ve all seen them. They’re inescapable. Their headlines draw us like a moth to flame with their promise of economic, streamlined order. “They” are The Listicle. 

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7 Ways Travel Listicles Are Ruining Travel Writing

Travel writing used to be an art. Visitors to far away lands with a knack for prose used to come back and regale us with rich stories about the exotic places they visited and the culturally diverse people they met as they shared their customs and expanded our horizons.

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Some Facts About the Listicle

The bread and butter of online journalism, epitomized by lists like “The 25 Most Kimye Things That Have Ever Happened,” got its start in a 19th-century column in the New York Times.

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How To Write A Listicle

It seems like nothing gets published these days unless it’s in listicle format. In my day, we learned to write paragraphs with good strong opening sentences and mic-dropping closing sentences– but we didn’t call them mic-dropping, because the phrase “mic drop” hadn’t been invented yet.

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Huffington Post: Listicles

Huffington post listicles.

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If you’re going to use listicles at work, get them right

The listicle is a relatively new phenomenon, but its quick rise to power in the publishing industry has changed the rules of the game for many writers and editors.

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Russian executive files a 6-part listicle in lawsuit against Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed got listicle-trolled by the guy suing them in court filing.

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The luscious lassi listicle

What's the best thing you can have to quench your thirst on a scorching summer day? Lemonades, yes, followed by another sweet delectable drink, popular among Dhakaiites – lassi!

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The Power Of Quote Confirmation When Building Viral Listicles

When telling an amazing narrative, it’s important to eliminate confirmation bias by providing your readers with information that can be backed up by confirmed facts.

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17 Ways to Write the Best Listicle Content on Your Blog for Higher Traffic

Everybody likes to read a list. They’re easy to read, straight to the point, and actionable. These are just some of the reasons why you should write listicles on your blog to increase your blog traffic.